You' re between 30 and 60.

With some aspects of your life, you’re satisfied. But with certain relationships, your professional development, or how well you “fit” in your company’s organizational culture you wish things were different.

What if you were given a chance to start all over again? What if, in the second half of your life, you were given the opportunity to make deep, profound and lasting changes?

What would you do?

“This book draws you in. Under the guise of being an account about a self-exploration workshop focused on scuba diving, it is actually a modern Socratic symposium about the nature and workings of human consciousness. We are led into increasingly subtle teachings with an insight and clarity, personalized by nine main characters, who make them come alive. This book is generously salted with insights that will penetrate into the mind and heart and effect change.”

Don Richard Riso, co-author, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

Set within the cultural context of Bali and Indonesia, the author uses scuba diving metaphors, interwoven with Jungian psychology and the Enneagram to weave a tapestry of complex characters’ lives and to teach fundamental principles of personal growth. DIVING IN penetrates beyond the superficial and obvious to a deeper analysis of relationships, professional satisfaction, and the ways in which people handle conflict in the workplace.

“A 'gift' that will change the way you see yourself. An amazing read. Couldn't put it down and solidified the missing pieces of human awareness in life. Told in a story format, the 'lessons' it teaches will start you on the journey to self-enlightenment. A must have if you 'sharpen the saw' in your life. You won't be disappointed.”

Michael J. Coogan, Tampa, FL

DIVING IN invites you to journey along with nine people (one of each Enneagram type) who are given the chance to make deep, profound, sustainable personal change by participating in a life-altering workshop combined with a diving expedition to spectacular coral reefs in the breathtaking, azure waters of Indonesia.

Whereas most self-help books claim that personal change comes by trying harder, thinking positively, bearing down, or using more discipline, DIVING IN teaches people how to resolve deep inner conflicts which frees-up squandered psychological energy that can be redirected toward living a deeply satisfying life and discovering your true self.

“… an inspirational guide to making life-altering changes in our later years. From making three commitments… to embracing our freedom to choose; to learning to assess ourselves and our problems objectively, and more, DIVING IN is an exceptionally insightful, superbly presented self-help, self improvement guide to effective (even dramatic) personal growth which is especially recommended for anyone over the age of 50.”

Midwest Book Review

“Reminiscent of Robert M. Pirsig's, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Bodnarczuk's new book takes readers on a scuba diving trip through the wonders of Indonesia and into the deepest recesses of their souls. On the surface, DIVING IN is about the beauty and excitement of scuba diving. Deep down, it's about discovering your true identity.”

F. C. Hawkins, author of Marooned: An Inquiry into Government Business and Ethics

  • Do you want to pursue a different path in life?
  • Do you wish your relationships were stronger and healthier?
  • Do you want to learn more about your personality or a loved one?
  • Do you want to discover your unique calling and destiny in life?

“DIVING IN is not just another 'self-help' book. It is a 'self-learning and understanding' workbook set within a descriptive and entertaining context. Who hasn't heard that little inner voice and wondered where it was coming from. DIVING IN helped me learn to listen, acknowledge and act on the deeper levels of consciousness. Very eye-opening!”

Sally M. Peel, Breckenridge, CO

DIVING IN offers readers manageable formulas for creating healthy, growth-oriented relationships, for enhancing creativity and effectiveness, for evaluating how well their personal calling and values are aligned with their work-life and their organization’s culture, for navigating a mid-life crisis, and for surmounting the most robust personal problems.

Excellent!! Will reference over and over. Mark touches on some very serious inner issues in a fun easy reading book. It offers the reader the opportunity to go further within to find their true self and shadows that inhibit their growth. It has given me insights into how I can improve my business and personal interactions and find peace in who I am.

Henry Louis, Rochester, NY

Now you can have your life and your relationships the way you've always wanted.

Are you ready to Dive In?

Mark Bodnarczuk is the Founder and Executive Director of the Breckenridge Institute® - a management consulting firm that is focused on organizational transformation.

Mark Bodnarczuk has published widely in the areas of organizational culture and leadership development and is also the author of, The Breckenridge Enneagram: A Guide to Personal and Professional Growth and Making Invisible Bureaucracy Visible: A Guide to Assessing and Changing Organizational Culture.